BYKEA Motorcycle Taxi Service App is Hacked

BYKEA is one of the most used motorcycle taxi services in Pakistan. They work through a mobile application in which you can call a rider to go somewhere or avail of other services like picking up or delivering some goods. The app is secured through a good IT structure and the service is used widely in Pakistan.

Just today, their mobile application was hacked as it was sharing an abusive message to the users. A friend shared that when he tried to use Bykea, he was greeted with some nonsense and abusive notification abusing Pakistan. Is Bykea so volatile or is this negligence?

Usually, Pakistan and India have such grudges. Hackers from both sides are trying to hack software, websites, and apps for the sake of enmity, fun, and money. The same case happened today at around 11:55 AM with Bykea App.

It is being estimated who is behind this nonsense and below-the-belt move. Such things can cause an industry its business. As per a source, this happened because Bykea notification server access was leaked or hacked. What ever it was, it was not cool and not fun at all!

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