Blooming days of Automotive in Pakistan

Good things take time but when things are headed the right way, eventually it doesn’t take long time to cover distances. Pakistan’s automotive industry is blooming these days, despite hard conditions of economy the signals are rather positive.
Starting up new

This post might seem odd but recently many things are making such bells and whistles that we are headed in the right direction. First of all the good omen of BMW motorcycles graced us, recently also MG started their bookings and despite being an expensive vehicle over 10,000 bookings have been confirmed. That means people are willing to invest in quality motors.

Recently also the kpk government announced that they are going to develop an official Pakistan’s first racetrack, if this is not exciting I don’t know what is, people are happy that now the taboo of MOTOR SPORTS will end and it will get respect which it deserves.

I don’t know about you but i am very much pumped about all of these, like I said before that any step in right direction is step ahead and we are headed in right direction now!

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