3 ways to earn money from your bike

Though it may seem odd but there are some legit and legal ways to earn money from your bike. Many people across the globe are following these patterns and they’re using them effectively.

Bike Taxi:

Many people are using their motorcycles as taxi while going to work. People drop other people on their locations while they’re on their way to work. Same routine is carried out when they’re traveling back. Many people commence their daily traveling expenses by doing this.

Delivery Services:

People are now delivering goods and documents for others. Many motorcycle riders are dropping off and delivering important documents for others and charge for these services.

Bike Pool:

This service will include a wtsap group and few friends.one can pick his office colleague who lives near by and they share the traveling expenses. This pool service will help in reducing traveling cost and it’s a little try to save fuel and our environment.

Many people may not like these concepts but they’re being used all across the globe these days.

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