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    Hey dear fellows.
    A very warm welcome to Horsepower Pakistan.
    Its Pakistan’s motorcycle based website. We review motorcycles and share the good and bad points to you guys. We share information and try to make a healthy change in our motorcycle world.
    We are slowly making a difference. This website belongs to all of us.
    Lets make this forum useful and helpful.
    My Name is Haris, the guy you see in Horsepower Pakistan Videos who is doing the review.
    Now let us introduce ourselves


    Muhammad Shahbaz

    Muhammad Janjua

    Simple person
    Bike Lover
    Main focus
    (DIY’ Say No to Mechanics)


    Dear Sir, You are the first person who commented. You are a star!!


    Saud Khan

    This is Saud from KARACHI.
    Professionally a restauanture.
    ‘Explorer’ is the word that may describe me the best. I am a person with versatile interests and hobbies ranging from traveling, biking, fitness to photography and coffee. I have phases where I opt one of my passions/hobbies and do all the research that I can do about it. Collect related things and pursue it as much as possible as per my available resources. Learning about and pursuing things related to my passions keep me happy and motivated 🙂


    Tamour Tahir

    I am Tamour Tahir

    From Karachi
    Love Riding Motorcycle
    Love touring on Motorcycle

    Been to many places in Pakistan


    Hey dear!Welcome aboard


    Sir, welcome @ Tamour bhai


    Umar Qaiser Sajjad

    I am from the beautiful islamabad touring is my passion


    Welcome Sir , @ Umar qaiser


    Zeeshan Saleem

    Keep it up bro. Really appreciate the educated and logical biking blogs. Meet some day,I live in gulshanabad rawalpindi. Be my guest once. Thanks



    Finally – an authentic platform bikers can come and talk legit 🙂
    Lets have a healthy and constructive debate guys 🙂


    Ayaz Ali

    Ayaz here
    Designer by profession from Karachi
    Love to ride and explore new places meet new peoples and make friends
    And i am a big fan of a famous bloger vloger youtuber Mr Haris Awan


    Yaser Sikandar

    Salam to all, Here is Yaser Sikandar with you guys on the page of Mr. Haris of I m from Peshawar. Here with u guys to share my experiences of my bike riding and learn new things from you guys about bike riding and maintain the bike.


    Umer Daraz

    I am from Karachi currently unemployed but Bike Enthusiast & Touring Lover.


    Jawad Awan

    Love bike riding espeicially on a long route , I’m from Rawalpindi still studying hope to get into super bike stuff iA in future

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)

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